Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The End of VORTEX2

The CSWR crew the night before ops ended. Can you find me? How about Waldo? (

VORTEX2 has officially ended. In two years we collected data on one long-track tornado (Goshen County, WY) and deployed on many other null cases (no tornado) or short-lived events (most of this season). The towel was thrown in yesterday outside of Lubbock, TX following an uneventful chase in hopes of some "High Plains Magic." Tearful goodbyes were had, future personal plans were made, and radio shoutouts were conducted as each team peeled off the armada. While many of the goodbyes were a bit silly, it was very heartwarming in its own way. The VORTEX2 crew has been a big dysfunctional (cliche alert) family for the past 6 weeks: we've laughed, we've cried, we've yelled at each other, we've talked about other people behind their backs...and just like in real life, when it comes down to it, we've all had each others' backs.

While V2 operations have ended, CSWR is extending the season a few more days. I write from the front seat of Probe 12 as we wander the plains as a discrete unit, the immediate family. This will not be my final post. For the second edition of VORTEX, as Porky Pig would say, that's all folks.

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