Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brief Updates

Hello all,

I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but nothing's really been all that interesting. We stopped at the Twister museum on a ferry day, had what I consider our first legitimate down day on the same day there was a tornado outbreak in South Dakota, drove the same stretch between Sutherland and Ogallala, Nebraska literally 8 times in 50 knot winds, and today we were once again deployed north of a storm that produced multiple tornadoes, another casualty of miscommunication.

My last enttry resulted in more controversy than I'd expected, and I had over 100 hits the day I posted it (I average around 25/day). Regardless of your opinion of the post, I thank you for stopping by, reading, and contributing your thoughts. I'd like to stress that this is my personal blog, and therefore the thoughts I express here are nothing but my own personal take or opinion on a situation. Just like anything, VORTEX2 is made up of individuals, and we all have our own feelings that may either support or differ from that of the collective group. I hope what you take away from these posts are points to ponder and the thoughts of someone that does not have to put out well-thought-out PR statements. With that said, I'd appreciate it if no one posted personal attacks against myself or others in the comments section; I do welcome healthy discussions though.

On a more personal note, my apologies to family and friends I've not had a chance to talk to recently. Even though nothing too interesting (on my end) is happening, we still keep long hours. I am literally just now pulling into the hotel tonight. Hopefully more exciting updates soon!

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