Sunday, April 25, 2010


The CSWR crew reunites in Boulder tomorrow! Now that I'm finally caught up on school work, I've been hurrying to clean and pack. Here is the end result of my carry-on:

Inside you will find:
11 shirts that will be worn on the regular, slept in, or exercised in
2 shirts that look a bit nicer
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of khaki shorts
1 pair of capris
10 pairs of socks
13 undergarments
1 hair dryer
1 pair of Rainbow flip flops
1 pair of long workout pants
1 pair of workout shorts
3 sports bras

This single carry-on has to last me 8 weeks! Also, I'm a female, so scientist or not I don't like having such limited wardrobe options. ;)

I'm also bringing along a roomy messenger bag for my netbook, camera, tripod, a notebook, water bottle, wallet, keys, an assortment of cords for devices...and I think that's all. It's a bit heavy, but mostly it's just a bag to have on my person during the day. It may house some snack food eventually. I decided to bring a folding tripod this year that folds to < 10" and extends to > 40". I may not have the time to use it, but if I do it will make for much better image and video quality.

I played around with it a bit today and it's really intuitive and fast to use, so I'm excited about it. If nothing else it's useful for self- or group photos!

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